The new album “Rosa e Fuoco”

Rosa e Fuoco” is Nuove Tribù Zulu new album, released on October 25th, 2019 by the Italian label Squilibri
12 brand new songs where the Italian gypsy-rock band – a pioneer in exploring the encounter between various cultures – gets back to its sound’s roots and the artistic quest animating its musical spirit ever since the very beginning, envisioning a borderless Human Unity.

Rosa e Fuoco” is a brand new invitation to the joy of travelling: music on the move for unrestrainable walkers, embracing their idea of world music, where rock, pop, folk, gypsy, songwriting and eastward-looking suggestions altogether mark a fascinating sound map. Different worlds that converge brilliantly in a unique and original style.


Noi camminiamo, noi non ci fermiamo, come Rosa e Fuoco, come Luna e Sole”…(“We keep walking, we’ll never stop, just like Rose and Fire, just like the Moon and Sun”…)

The album’s title is a clear statement that “without the passion, the ardor, the fire lighting up our lives’ ideal, without love to move us on this earth, nothing is possible”.
Rose and Fire are two symbols testifying our passages on this world, human lives seeking for meaning in a challenging time – now more than ever.

Roses of passion, regeneration, beauty and harmony. Roses of the Soul, mystical roses from the spiritual heartbeat of Humanity.

Flaming fires, moving fires, fires leading towards transformation, regeneration, mobilization, inspiration, consciousness.

The album, composed, arranged and produced by Andrea Camerini, Paolo Camerini e Ludovica Valori, features many great friends and brilliant musicians: Alberto Lombardi on guitars (Luca Barbarossa, Robbie Dropee, Loredana Berté), Cristiano Micalizzi on drums (Max Gazzè, Carmen Consoli, Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini,Tiromancino, Daniele Silvestri), Marcello Sirignano on violin and strings (Fiorella Mannoia, Danilo Rea, Stefano Di Battista), Mario Caporilli (Mario Biondi, Samuele Bersani, Gerardo di Lella Big Band) and Claudio Zenobio (Big Band SPMDO) on trumpet, Massimiliano Diotallevi (long time friend and collaborator of the band) on saxophone.

Furthermore, some precious special guests enrich this work: Piccola Orchestra di Tor Pignattara conducted by Pino Pecorelli (Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio), Andrea Satta (Tetes de Bois), Enrico Capuano, rapper MC Shark (Devastatin’ Posse, Terradunione).


Nuove Tribù Zulu

Andrea Camerini: vocals, transverse flute, percussions
Paolo Camerini: double bass, bass, sampling

Ludovica Valori: piano, keyboards, accordion, trombone, backing vocals


Rosa e Fuoco

Music composed by – Paolo Camerini, Ludovica Valori, Andrea Camerini
Lyrics – Andrea Camerini
Recorded in Rome – The Music Room, Crimic studio, Belair studio, E45 studio.

Mix and mastering: Eugenio Vatta, E45 Studio, Rome

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